Committed to significantly improving the lives with Energy to as many people possible.

  • The transition to a climate-neutral society is both an urgent challenge and an opportunity to build a better future for all.


  • All parts of society and economic sectors will play a role – from the power sector to industry, mobility, buildings, agriculture and forestry.


  • The SeaVolta can lead the way by investing into realistic technological solutions, empowering citizens and aligning action in key areas such as industrial policy, finance and research, while ensuring social fairness for a just transition.

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Railway at Night

The navigation in energy transition

We are the first energy company to make the commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2030, which is aligned with the climate objectives set out by the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


This target includes emissions both from our production and our products, so we have therefore established intermediate goals in 2025, 2030, and 2040. As such, we will advance towards the energy transition and an increasingly decarbonizing future.

The decarbonisation of the energy system is one of the biggest challenges facing our world, and National Grid has a critical role to play in the acceleration towards a cleaner future.

All of the regions in which we will operate in have aspirations for a clean energy future, and we want to play our part in helping them get there.  That’s why, as well as our own direct emissions, we are also committed to working with government and regulators in all the markets we serve to help them meet their own carbon reduction emission targets.