The Finest Energy Experience

The GoVolta range of electro-magnetic generation devices occupies this space by harvesting the non-linear energy generated from the interaction between freely moving permanent magnets and a periodic pendulum motion, which provides a mechanism for broadband ambient energy capture.

Utilising fringe and experimental energy conversion processes, GoVolta’s range of scalable 100% input-free, emission-free electro-magnetic generator technologies that can provide consistent energy in spaces not suitable for solar, wind and other alternative green energy sources.

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Unique Solutions

SeaVolta Generators are Modular and can be installed at any location to form a Micro Grid.


Installation is easy as each SeaVolta Generator of 1 MW is configured in a 40 feet container.


Strategic location installations can decentralize generation and save large distance transmission losses.


Offer dependable and Clean  continuous generation 24/7.

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SeaVolta versus Solar & Wind Energy

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SeaVolta versus Solar & Wind Energy


Operations and Maintenance 

SeaVolta’s O&M

An operation and maintenance package for your renewable energy systems always proves to be cost-effective and helps deliver your commercial environmental and financial goals. We are also seeing that evidence of regular maintenance regimes are needed for claims under warranty.